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Welcome to ECS Demolition – your local, trusted contractors for comprehensive commercial and domestic demolition services in Thurrock.

With a commitment to excellence, ECS offers a wide array of solutions that span across commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. From domestic property demolition, to large scale demo and site clearance projects, our mission is to deliver meticulous demolition services that seamlessly blend technical expertise with environmental responsibility.

Backed by years of experience, skilled manpower, a fleet of vehicles, and all of our own plant machinery and equipment, we are available to provide demolition services, information and advice in every scenario.

If you are looking for demolition in Thurrock for any requirement, on any scale, then request a call back today, or contact our office to see how we can help.

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Comprehensive demolition services tailored to meet your needs.

At ECS Demolition, our range of expertise extends beyond the conventional approach to demolition.

We incorporate specialised services to offer innovative and effective demolition solutions, that address unique challenges – ensuring the successful completion of each project while prioritising safety and environmental considerations.

Plant equipment providing demolition contractor services on a local project

Soft Strip Outs

Soft strip outs involve the careful removal of all non-structural elements within a building. This includes fixtures, fittings, internal walls, and non-load-bearing partitions in order to leave a clear canvas for the subsequent demolition or renovation process.

Top Down Demolition

Top down demolition is the methodical approach we use when dismantling structures, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with complex urban environments to minimise the risk of damage to surrounding structures and reduce the dispersal of debris.

High Reach Demolition Thurrock

Certain projects require a more strategic approach due to the height of the structures involved. We use specialised equipment to facilitate controlled and precise high-level demolition, allowing us to manage projects that might otherwise pose logistical challenges.

Remediation and Environmental Works

Before the process of demolition begins, we address any environmental concerns and remediation needs. Remediation and environmental works ensure that sites are in sound condition through identifying and removing hazardous materials, soil remediation, and other necessary actions.

Asbestos Removal Thurrock

As part of our comprehensive demolition services, ECS Demolition is fully equipped to handle asbestos removal with the utmost care and professionalism. Our experienced teams are trained to safely identify, contain, and remove asbestos-containing materials from your property.

We adhere strictly to UK regulations and industry best practices to ensure the safety of the public, our workforce and the environment.

Our asbestos removal services in Thurrock are tailored to meet specific needs in every scenario and environment, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.

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Demo site clearance final image of cleared site

Demolition Site Clearances and Assessments

As professional demolition contractors we encompass the highest level of site clearances possible. This means removing all waste materials to ensure that the land is completely clean, clear, levelled and primed for future purpose.

We work safely and effectively to remove every scrap of waste in an environmentally friendly manner, and as a licensed skip hire and waste management service provider we are experienced at handling and sorting large amounts of waste on a daily basis.

Before any work can begin, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of the site. These demolition site assessments include a thorough analysis of all existing structures, environmental conditions, potential risks, and logistical considerations.

The insights gained from these assessments shape our strategies and project plans, allowing us to anticipate challenges and tailor our approach to each unique project.

Demolition Project Management

ECS prioritises safety and quality of work, which is why every project is managed from planning to completion. Our experienced teams adhere to strict processes and practices to complete every job to the highest standard while preventing the possibility of dangerous scenarios.

This level of control ensures a systematic approach to each aspect of a demo project. This includes site and structural surveys, disconnecting connected services, and managing the dismantle and clearance of all types of structure in a clear, safe environment at all times.

Demolition Health, Safety & Compliance

Safety is paramount in every demolition project we undertake. We adhere rigorously to licensing, permits, and regulations, ensuring that our projects are executed within legal and ethical boundaries. Our focus on proper signage and employee welfare, including portable facilities like welfare units and onsite offices, further underscores our dedication to safety and employee wellbeing.

Project management of demolition and dismantle
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Demolition Thurrock Expertise and Equipment

Our directors bring years of groundwork and hands-on demolition experience to the table. Having worked on and managed civil engineering projects of varying scales, from land remediation to foundation construction, they lead by example through unparalleled expertise and standards. ECS have grown over the years to operate and own a fleet of vehicles, plant machinery and equipment to handle projects with utmost precision.

Commercial Demolition Thurrock

Controlled dismantling of commercial buildings by professional demolition contractors

We understand that demolition is a complex operation that demands careful planning. Our controlled dismantling process mitigates risks and ensures a systematic and considerate approach to our demo work to maintain efficiencies wherever possible.

Dust and Noise Suppression

Demolition dust and noise suppression in action

Recognising the importance of minimising the impact on the environment and surrounding areas, we prioritise dust and noise suppression. Our state-of-the-art techniques and equipment ensure that our demolition activities are not disruptive and adhere to the highest environmental standards.

Manpower and Efficiency

ECS manpower used for Thurrock demolition

We take pride in employing a highly capable and experienced team that can be made available at short notice. Our skilled workforce, combined with the assistance of specialist subcontractors, ensure that each project benefits from years of hands-on expertise to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

Demolition Recycling and Repurposing

Demolition recycling and waste clearance

As a specialist waste clearance and skip hire company, operating a licensed waste transfer station, ECS makes recycling a priority during demolition work as part of our business, social and environmental responsibilities. This means that we meticulously sort, recycle and repurpose up to 95% of all waste materials including metals, plastics, wood, plasterboard, bricks, concrete and aggregates.

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Our Areas of Coverage

Our demolition contractors Essex coverage areas

Essex County Skips operates across the whole of Essex and provides Demolition and Site Clearance. Our fleet of vehicles and drivers can be seen demolishing and dismantling throughout the region on a daily basis, which is the reason we are always able to respond quickly to all enquiries.

If you need cheap and fast Site Clearance in Thurrock for any purpose, call ECS to see how we can help.

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Qualified and Certified Demolition

Essex County Skips are Wamitab qualified and certified Waste Carriers for Demolition Thurrock. As a responsible demolition company we hold Environment Agency permits, and work with a number of local recycling companies to ensure that your waste is handled properly, or repurposed wherever possible.

Additionally all of our Demolition drivers are properly qualified and experienced to demolish and dismantle buildings safely in any scenario, offering support and advice to customers whenever required.

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